Depression and Entrepreneurs: Why Founders Need to Prioritize Mental Wellness (Photo Credit: Whether you call it startup depression or even founder’s blues, depression is a real risk.

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With so many depression sufferers dealing with sleep issues, I wanted to compile a list of sleep tips to try. Improve your sleep and help the depression.

As I’ve been doing interviews and talking about Startup Life, I’ve been asked several times whether or not entrepreneurs are more prone to depression and divorce. While I have zero empirical data, I believe from my qualitative experience that they are no less prone to this than the rest of the population.

1 in 3 entrepreneurs live with depression, Adding to the stress of being entrepreneur, many entrepreneurs start businesses alone. Working alone at home or in coffee shops.. Entrepreneurs are at higher risk for depression and other mental health concerns. Ultimately, your mental health and.

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Van Haalen believes that decreased stigma around depression and anxiety is making it increasingly acceptable for entrepreneurs to address mental health.. More about mental health startup.

They’re 2x more likely to suffer from depression, 10x more likely to suffer from bipolar disorder, and 2x more likely to have suicidal thoughts. This is a hidden reality that few people will talk about. Entrepreneurship is trendy, it’s cool, founding a startup is something people dream of.

The 10 Worst Traits of Even the Great Entrepreneurs – Forbes –  · With CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Does it really take a few flaws to make a great entrepreneur, or are the rest of us.

Talkspace has hired a chief medical officer to help build its enterprise business and start prescribing medicines through the app. The company is generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

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Depression, Mental Health, Entrepreneurship & Startups. – Entrepreneurship is full of ups and downs, and this stress can potentially lead to mental health problems and depression. For an entrepreneur, a state of depression has unique work life ramifications owing to the fact that their personal health directly affects their business’s health.

According to a recent survey, 30 percent of the entrepreneurs participating reported a lifetime history of depression. Another 29 percent said. difficulty making decisions — so much so that you.

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